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The Five Most Commonly Encountered HVAC Problems

hvac repair genevaYour furnace and air conditioner are essential components of any home. Unfortunately, a furnace or air conditioner problem can not only make your house uncomfortable, but it could also be harmful to your health.

HVAC Repair In Geneva

While some HVAC problems are as simple as cleaning filters and coils, most of the typical cooling and heating system issues will grow more significant if not addressed promptly. Whether it’s a minor or a big problem, there are solutions. Some are larger than others. A reputable HVAC system company can resolve these issues. Here are the five most common HVAC issues you might encounter.

Lack Of Maintenance

Scheduling regular maintenance by a certified service contractor is crucial in order to keep your system in good working condition. You can prevent most furnace repairs with proper care and maintenance by a qualified service technician. You have probably invested a lot of money in your household heating system. So, ensure you protect that investment. If you overlook performing routine maintenance can experience unforeseen expensive breakdowns, rising energy costs, and poor performance.

Dirty Filters

Replacing your filter on a regular basis is one of the essential things you should do to prolong the lifespan and efficiency of your heating system. If the filter is dirty, it could restrict airflow, which causes your unit to work much harder to circulate the air through your household. This puts extra strain on the furnace’s blower and, therefore, will result in comfort problems. A clogged filter can also end up causing the furnace to overheat and shut down on the high setting.

Ignition Problems

Ignition difficulties can be due to a variety of causes. For example, a flame sensor, dirty pilot, or burners can result in a pilot outage, furnace lockout, short cycling, or delayed burner ignition. It may also be due to a gas supply shortage or even the wear and tear of an ignition element that requires replacement. Either way, it is better to have these issues resolved by a trained repair technician.

Dirty Coils

The evaporator coil of your HVAC system’s air conditioner or heat pump is essential. If your HVAC units have a dirty coil, their efficiency will decrease significantly. Therefore, ensure coils on your indoor units, such as air conditioners, should be cleaned by a trained service technician.

Water Leaks

Both high-efficiency furnaces and air conditioners produce condensate. The unit has drain pipes to ensure that water drains properly. However, the furnace could leak water if the drain pipes are clogged or broken. To help keep your unit drain lines clean, you can pour bleach down the drain regularly. Other potential leak locations include the heat exchanger, collector box, and evaporator drain pan. Hire a service technician to identify the source of the water leakage and repair options.

It’s a good idea to have skilled professionals inspect your house’s HVAC system on a regular basis. At All Season’s Heating & Cooling, we pride ourselves on our work. We have the knowledge and expertise to detect and repair HVAC problems before they become a huge problem. If you require HVAC repair in Geneva, All Season’s Heating & Cooling is your one-stop shop for your HVAC needs. Call today.

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