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Steps To Take Before Calling The HVAC Repair Specialists

hvac repair genevaFew things are as inconvenient as HVAC system failure in your home. Whether it is not getting heat during the cool Geneva nights, or not having AC when that mid-day sun hits, it is uncomfortable and an all-around nuisance when your HVAC system isn’t working. While you should always call in the experts at All Seasons Heating and Cooling when you need HVAC repair, and also for routine maintenance, here are some basic steps you can take to troubleshoot problems with your HVAC system before making the call to our trained professionals. 

HVAC Repair in Geneva

  1. Make sure there is power to your HVAC system. It is not uncommon for HVAC problems to have simple solutions, and one common problem is loss of power. The first place to look to rule out this problem is your breaker. Make sure the breaker that powers your HVAC has not flipped or blown a fuse. You can try flipping the breaker and then waiting a few seconds before turning it back on. 
  2. If the power source is not the issue, you may just need to reset your HVAC system. Every furnace, air conditioner, and even heat pump has a different reset method, so you should check your owner’s manual to learn how to reset your unit. Follow the instructions and see if that resolves the issue. 
  3. If your furnace is not producing any heat, check the service door. Many furnaces have a safety switch that prevents them from operating when the service door is open. Simply opening and then closing the service door again can reset that switch. Make sure everything is shut tightly and then try to turn the heater on again.
  4. You have probably been told this before, and trust us you will be told this again, make sure you are changing your filter in your furnace and AC regularly. When you notice your AC is not working as efficient as it used to, the air coming out of the vents seems humid, or the furnace is not pumping out warm air, remove the old filter and replace it with a new one. Because this seems like such a simple, mundane task, it often gets overlooked. But the truth is dirty or old filters can not only cause your HVAC system to be inefficient, but they also reduce air quality and prevent proper air flow. In order to prevent problems caused by old or dirty air filters, we recommend you change yours every 90 days. Filters are inexpensive and easy to change, and are often the cause of HVAC malfunctions that can and should be prevented. 
  5. Check the thermostat. Often times, the thermostat is the cause of many different problems with HVAC systems. When the thermostat is not communicating properly to your HVAC system, it can result in the system turning off and on at the wrong times, not staying set at assigned temperatures, or not turning on at all. Be sure that your thermostat has new batteries put in regularly and make sure the temperature settings haven’t been changed when something is not working correctly with your HVAC system.

When all else fails, do not hesitate to call All Seasons Heating and Cooling. Our trained technicians will be able to assess your system, diagnose the problem, and get it repaired as quickly as possible. 

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