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Furnace Repair Service in Geneva, Illinois

furnace repair service geneva, furnace restoration geneva, professional furnace repair service genevaMany of us have experienced walking into our homes, or places of work and realized it’s freezing cold! We then go to assess our thermostats. The thermostat will probably be switched to “heat” and the air may even be vigorously blowing out of nearby vents. The only problem is, the air is cold. What next? Thankfully, there are furnace repair service specialists in the Geneva area, such as those at All Season’s Heating & Cooling, ready to assist! 

Furnace Repair Service In Geneva

What do I do when I realize my furnace isn’t functioning properly?

  • Check the pilot light. The pilot light is a small flame that ignites flowing gas. This ignited gas heats up the air flowing through the vents. When the pilot light is extinguished, for various reasons, the airflow has no way to heat up. This results in cool, refreshing airflow—that’s not really the goal here. You can follow instructions (usually visible on the furnace walls) to relight the pilot light.
  • If the pilot light won’t ignite, or won’t stay ignited, there may be a problem with a small piece of equipment called the thermocouple. The thermocouple is a safety device that stops the gas from flowing when the pilot light goes out. If this malfunctions, and no gas can flow, you’ll need to employ socks and coats! If the pilot light goes out, and the gas keeps flowing, it will flow into the building and create a safety hazard. If somehow that thermocouple engages again, and the pilot light kicks in, all that gas will ignite and result in an explosion. No one wants that. Contact furnace repair service professionals, like the team at All Season’s Heating & Cooling, to assist with this repair. 
  • The condensate line may be clogged, or the condensate pump is broken. The condensate line drains water condensation generated by the furnace. If this line is blocked by dirt or ice, the backflow will activate the overflow kill-switch and shut the furnace off to aid in preventing water damage. This line is normally in the form of a PVC pipe and is easy to replace. If the problem is the condensate pump (this pumps out the water born of condensation), a furnace repair service specialist needs to be contacted. 
  • Another problem may be that the air filter needs to be replaced. Without the proper airflow, many furnaces can overheat and shut off. Furnace filters can be found within the furnace itself, or behind a grate of within a vent. Sometimes it’s difficult to locate them. You may be able to replace the air filter on your own, but if not, a furnace repair service specialist would be happy to come to your aid. 

These are just a few problems that you might run into, regarding a “broken” furnace. Because furnaces work with gas and electricity, it is always wise to contact a furnace repair service specialist in the Geneva area (like All Season’s Heating & Cooling) to safely assist with your furnace maintenance needs.

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