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Energy Saving Tips For The Winter

HVAC Repair GenevaWith the holiday cheer that comes with winter, the cold weather also rolls around alongside it. Unfortunately, during this season, bills tend to rise due to the need for a heater all season to beat the frigid cold. HVAC systems work overtime to keep homes warm, and sometimes a little too hard depending on how old they are. 

HVAC Repair – Geneva

1. Keep Up On Regular Maintenance

With anything that needs to last a long time, it’s so important to take care of it. By doing things like changing the filter and conducting an inspection, steps are being taken to take care of the furnace. However, there are some things that are better-taken care of by professionals.

A furnace emits dangerous elements to produce heat that is difficult for homeowners without experiences to deal with, such as carbon monoxide and natural gas. Additionally, the flame inside the furnace needs to be inspected every year to make sure it’s burning safely and efficiently. An HVAC technician can also clean the entire system, improving indoor air quality and extending the lifespan of the system. 

2. Seal Up The Home

If the HVAC system is on, but drafts from the outside are making it in, the system is working far harder than it needs to. Any leak takes away from the heating system’s efficiency. When turning on the heater, be sure that all the windows and doors are closed. Secondly, check all those windows and doors to see if there are drafts making it through even when they are closed. There could be a sealing issue. If that is the case, seal any immobile parts with caulk and apply weatherstripping to anything that moves. 

Other places that can be checked for drafts include stud cavities, recessed lighting, and loose ductwork. Insulation is a great way to remedy these issues so that cold air can’t make it in, and hot air can’t make it out. Make sure to properly seal any of these areas to ensure that your HVAC system can work at its highest efficiency. 

3. Upgrade Your HVAC System

If your HVAC system is over 10 years old or energy-saving tips aren’t working, it may be time to upgrade your HVAC system. Unfortunately, these systems won’t last forever and, over time, will need upgrades. An outdated HVAC system will use up more energy and deteriorate, making it work less efficiently. 

4. Call A Professional

If you are ever in doubt, a professional at All Seasons Heating & Cooling can be sure to assist you with your HVAC repair needs. Whether you have concerns about your energy efficiency or simply need HVAC repair, professionals are sure to do a job well done. They will work tirelessly to make sure that you are able to stay safe and warm all winter long without any difficulties. 

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