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5 Ways You Can Accidentally Void Your HVAC Warranty

HVAC repairs, HVAC warranty, HVAC servicesLuckily for our customers, our YORK products come with an amazing 10-year warranty that covers certain repairs and replacements. Unfortunately, manufacturers cannot guarantee a perfect system every time, so our friends at YORK have developed this factory-backed warranty program to ensure our customers are protected, always. However, there are a number of things you can do to unfortunately void that HVAC warranty… Let’s work together to avoid them! 

1. Improper Installation 

If a system is not installed properly, any failure that occurs could be a result of an improper installation and would not be considered the manufacturer’s fault. Luckily for you, our skilled technicians take their time with every installation to make sure everything is installed properly and running smoothly. To learn more about our installation process, read our Facebook Post. 

2. Failure to Register Your HVAC System 

Most warranties require you to register your HVAC system within a certain period of time after purchase/installation to stay valid. Luckily for our customers, we do this for you after each system installation. 

  • No Annual Maintenance 

If there is one thing that we stress to our customers, it’s the importance of HVAC system maintenance. It doesn’t matter if you have the highest-efficiency system, it still needs check-up and tune-ups like your car does. That’s why manufacturers usually will void your warranty if you do not receive annual maintenance from an HVAC professional. Be smart and keep your warranty intact by scheduling annual maintenance from an HVAC contractor you trust twice a year. 

We know remembering to schedule this can be a hassle, so we are now offering Comfort-First Plans! Our fantastic technicians will visit you twice a year to make sure your system is running how it should and keep your warranty intact. 

3. Lack of Documentation

If something happens to your HVAC system and for some reason you need to reach out to your manufacturer, documentation is usually needed to show you’re receiving annual maintenance, correct replacement parts, and a professional has been maintaining your system. In general, we recommend keeping any documentation of any work or purchases that pertain to your HVAC system to make sure your warranty is valid. 

4. Not Hiring a Professional

In order for your warranty to be valid, a licensed HVAC professional needs to be performing any installation, maintenance, or repair. The manufacturer is not responsible for any problems that can be caused by mistakes a non-professional can cause. So, at the end of the day, trust a reputable company… don’t DIY it or ask a family member to fix anything for you.  If you have a good HVAC contractor, they are going to make sure everything goes smoothly. If you are on the search for a good company to take care of your system, look no further! Our motto is “Service is our salesman” for a reason. Give us a call and become a part of the All Season’s Heating & Cooling Family! 




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