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5 AC Unit Maintenance And Repair Tips For Geneva Residents

ac repair service genevaWhen it comes to air conditioning units, a little maintenance can go a long way. It can make your air conditioning more efficient, save you money, and keep your house cooler. In addition, routine maintenance extends the longevity of your unit. All of which are KEY to enjoying your summer in Geneva. At All Seasons, we are experts in all things air conditioning, and we want you to master routine maintenance of your AC Units. Remember, ALWAYS turn off the power to your unit before doing any maintenance or repair.

AC Repair Service In Geneva

  1. Clean or change filters. Filters are probably the most important thing to maintain when it comes to your AC unit. Talk to a professional or call the customer service line for your AC Unit brand if you’re unsure as to which filters to use. In general, 1-inch pleated filters should be cleaned or replaced once a month. Filters may need to be replaced more often if they gather a lot of dust, dirt, or pet dander.
  2. Clean the air conditioner’s coils. The unit’s various coils will naturally collect dirt over time. This reduces the ability of the unit to condition and cool the air. It might insulate the system, making it warm up. You can improve the efficiency of your system by wiping down the parts and gently cleaning them.
  3. Remove debris from the unit. Leaves and other debris can get into your unit. The obvious answer to this problem is to routinely check inside your unit and remove anything that has been trapped inside.
  4. Straighten coil fins. Coil fins on your unit can be easily bent, which causes air to get trapped inside, disturbing airflow. Straighten these out yourself, where possible, or mention it to your All Seasons AC repair team in Geneva for professional advice and help.
  5. Clean the area around the unit. Obviously, anything that can coat, filter, or disturb airflow will make your air conditioning unit work harder than it needs to provide clean, cool air. Remove or trim shrubs that are close to your unit and reduce dirty air caused by a flowerbed or sand within inches of the unit. 

There are few things better than a crisp, cool home on a hot summer day. But, knowing that you are getting that air at the best price possible can absolutely top it!  Maintain your air conditioning unit regularly to keep it in tip-top shape and efficient for the summer, at the best price possible. Of course, sometimes, even regular maintenance cannot prevent breakdowns or issues with your unit. For more than routine checkups, call All Seasons Heating and Cooling to restore your AC unit to full capacity, so you can continue to enjoy your summer from the cool, clean air of your own home. 

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